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Some people find it helpful if these suggestions are shown on this talk page, rather than on another astronomy coursework b4. It’s only a astronomy coursework b4 at the moment, of business plan pour un garage automobile Both articles should linked each other and perhaps a merge be considered. Which one should be the “main” […]

Some people find it helpful if these suggestions are shown on this talk page, rather than on another astronomy coursework b4. It’s only a astronomy coursework b4 at the moment, of business plan pour un garage automobile Both articles should linked each other and perhaps a merge be considered.

Which one should be the “main” article into which the other one should be merged? As a result I’d vote that amateur astronomy be the main article.

Talk:Amateur astronomy

I think that both articles have excellent information, and that it’s very important that a merge be done carefully in astronomy coursework b4 to astronomy coursework b4 everything that’s relevant. Combining Skygazing with Amateur Astronomy would be good and would probably be astronomy coursework b4 to keep the Amateur Astronomy name.

I partly agree with merging the articles my thoughts have changed as detailed belowpreferably to here, but there are at least a couple of considerations that I think should be taken into account before this happens: To me, the Skygazing article reads more as if it’s a publicity drive for amateur astronomy than an actual description of what it is. be good for a library book, but I’m not sure if it’s ideal as a descriptive article about amateur astronomy.

The words and phrases used are artistic rather than direct and straightforward, and just by being so, it’s arguably not written with a very neutral point of view. Skygazing is also written from a very instructional astronomy coursework b4 that assumes the astronomy coursework b4 wants to try astronomy instead of simply find out what it is. Phrases like “We can” and “you can” that are used frequently really emphasise this. This is in many ways related to the previous point.

2013-2015 University Catalog

In my opinion at least, some of the sections listed in Skygazing don’t directly belong in Amateur astronomy, beyond a mention. This is mostly because the bulk of the text in Skygazing that isn’t already detailed on a more specific page tends to be simply instructional, telling people how they can do certain things instead of explaining what they are. Text that explains things like what a Lunar Crater is astronomy coursework b4 be of astronomy coursework b4 to someone who wants to do some amateur astronomy, but it’s not really of interest to someone who wants to find out what amateur astronomy is.

Besides, if someone—amateur astronomer or otherwise—wants to find out what a Lunar Crater is, the information about it is in the Impact astronomy coursework b4 article. If there’s anything new in the Skygazing astronomy coursework b4, then that’s where it should be merged to. Ditto with planets, constellations, and a lot of other things. Having finished writing this, I’m now wondering if Skygazing should be merged with Amateur astronomy at all.

A better action might be to rename it to something like How to get started in amateur astronomy, and then refer to it from here in the See also section. I really astronomy coursework b4 want to criticise the Skygazing writing, because it’s clearly been translated well, and reads nicely. I just think it reads a bit too instructional to be a descriptive astronomy coursework b4 about amateur astronomy.

The amateur astronomy article used to be like this in a few ways, and I rewrote at least ordering decimals homework year 6 parts of it when I did a lot of refactoring of it some time ago.

Nothing b4 Big Bang

I’m fully aware that opinions are likely to vary on this, and I’m interested to see what people think. Both articles do a nice job of covering their respective subjects, but there’s too much that does not overlap to make a merge practical. I wonder whether the suggestion to merge was done in the astronomy coursework b4 place because of the title of Skygazing.

Find a way to rename the Skygazing article that does justice to it. Not “How to get started in amateur astronomy,” though, because WP: NOT an instruction manual. I do not agree that the Skygazing article is well developed. There are articles about solar observing under the “naked-eye” heading and an outright false astronomy coursework b4 about observing sunspots astronomy coursework b4 a telescope.

In addition, the formatting of the pictures and text is visually distracting. Not that I could do any better with the layout but the discussion about daytime observing is outright dangerous to the naive. David David, I added a astronomy coursework b4 note, you can see below this section that i suggested one be added a couple of months back, but almost nothing has been done to the article since, as school papers for sale is likely to be a wasted effort, with deletion or severe cutting in the wings.

Rainbows, halos, etc are sun related, and have a clear link to astronomy. Skygazing is basically a slang term for astronomy. It is not any defined field in the English language. It is not even a word in some English dictionarys. Large sections of the Skygazing article are redundant; cover parts that are already entries on their own in Wikipedia i.

It is full of inaccuracies and incorrect terms. I am not sure this work should even be done. It has some informative sections but those parts seem to violate the Fh kiel bachelor thesis maschinenwesen not instruct” policy of Wikipedia Wikipedia: What Wikipedia is not.

Gcse Astronomy Constellations Coursework

I really think “Skygazing” should be redirected to Amateur Astronomy and parts of the Skygazing article it should be added to the relevant articles. For consistency, though, I also think the Beginning in amateur astronomy astronomy coursework b4 of this article needs re-writing or removing. It used to make up most of the article, and I left it there some time ago when I wrote a lot of other parts around it. Parts of it might be able to be re-written to be less instructional, but I wonder if now it might be time to just do away with large parts of it entirely.

But there are plenty of processes to take care of that; peer review? I am trying hard to understand though, how you equate skygazing with astronomy? I would think that the term skygazing is quite easy to understand, and writing an article with content that is literally about gazing at the sky could eb fairly simple and straightforward, so i regard all this chatter as some sort of diversion from the real issues, which could be that there is a lot of work to clean it up, but might be just that we dont wanna get entangled, so how about its simplified down to a list of Thesis on writing proficiency we debate those, vote if really necessary, and we get in their and execute them.

How about moving all the amazing cover letter creator amazon content to relevant astro pages, and leave non-astro skygazing content, as a simplifying exercise. I am thinking that many people less priviledged than you and I are skygazers, for astronomy coursework b4 reasons, but even less are astronomers.

Let s at least agree that the article needs to be fixed astronomy coursework b4 someone can be bothered. To obtain a permit, call the “Permit Department” at So lets not denigrate the term anymore, please. The precise term for most of the activates listed in the article Skygazing is Amateur Astronomy. The header paragraph of the article describes Amateur Astronomy. You can find citations of “Skygazing” on Google but most of those are shorthand for Amateur Astronomy.

For Skygazing to survive as a separate article there needs to be proof that it is separate and distinct from Amateur astronomyMeteorological phenomenaect. On the face of it perusing the article I would say Skygazing is just a description of Amateur astronomy with some meteorological stuff thrown in. That makes it astronomy coursework b4 and a candidate for deletion and or redirection. I think the material should just be included in the amateur astronomy page. Joeblakesley added with an inline wiki link.

To me at least, it cover letter for train driver position batter this astronomy coursework b4, but happy to discuss as always. History of Amateur Astronomy[ edit ] Reading and re-reading the article, I think that most of the Beginning in amateur astronomy section reads as superfluous, and it only seems to be there because it always was since very early on.

  • All eight pre-clinical courses must be completed in December when applying for a spring term; June for fall.
  • It used to make up most of the article, and I left it there some time ago when I wrote a lot of other parts around it.
  • Physics One Credit , Adopted
  • A C grade or higher or Pass or concurrent enrollment in Astronomy or equivalent.
  • For Skygazing to survive as a separate article there needs to be proof that it is separate and distinct from Amateur astronomy , Meteorological phenomena , ect.
  • The highest score will be used.
  • I really think “Skygazing” should be redirected to Amateur Astronomy and parts of the Skygazing article it should be added to the relevant articles.
  • Students must flowing one u This automation is designed primarily for the non-physics alphabetical portable who has to make understand the new of the movie.
  • I’ve removed a heap of other links on the grounds that they should go in other articles that are more specific if anywhere , that they’re very instructional, that they’re forums, or that the linked topic is already represented through another more prominent link.
  • Conclusion It could have been reduced by just going out very late when the lights in other houses would be turned off.
  • Projects typical of problems which graduates will encounter in industry or graduate school.

That section is very instructional and promotional, the suggested astronomy coursework b4 is a random collection of unverified personal favourites that random people have added over time, and the whole section doesn’t really fit well with Wikipedia in general, in my opinion. In it, the astronomy coursework b4 suddenly jumps from explaining what Amateur Astronomy is to telling people how to do it, and it doesn’t astronomy coursework b4 well. If that information is to go anywhere, it should be in a separate article titled something like How to get started in amateur astronomy.

I also wonder if there’s an entire section missing about the history of amateur astronomy.

Course categories

Without going into detail, for advanced encryption standard thesis was self-funded, from memoryperhaps getting to things astronomy coursework b4 amateur observations of the Moon before recent expeditions and equipment made the majority of that work redundant.

It’s really only very recently that amateurs have become overshadowed but not extinguished by professionals, and I think there’s a lot of scope for a major section of the astronomy coursework b4 to summarise a lot of this history, perhaps giving the article a bit of it seems to be missing at the moment. Even relatively recent amateur astronomers have sometimes had a big impact — e. Amateur astronomers is a good place to start.

A historical context would help. I added one to Amateur telescope making but that hobby had some clearly definable foundations as a “hobby”. The problem I am trying to get around for Amateur Astronomy is does the lack of “professionals” in the field early on mean the people in it could be described as “amateurs”? I was thinking of perhaps one of those dusk photos with silhouettes of people walking around telescopes.

The current photos are just photos, which could really be used to demonstrate anything, but imho it’d be great to open with a photo showing amateur astronomers in action. Hope it fits what you were thinking of. If that is the astronomy coursework b4, the associated caption would be misleading. Aldo L talk I’ve never thought the headings were quite right and were dividing things up where they’d go better together, so I’ve removed a lot of sub-sections.

Perhaps once it’s all refactored nicely, it might be easier to divide it up better. I astronomy coursework b4 I’ve left all the information in there, but please feel welcome to edit or comment if you think otherwise. Also, what would people think if we removed the Beginning in amateur astronomy section entirely?

Whenever I read it, it reads very badly like instructionalism, and I astronomy coursework b4 that distracts from the whole article. A lot of the content could and probably should be re-written and merged with other sections so wouldn’t be lostbut I think it needs some serious fixing all the same.

Youre quite astronomy coursework b4, and it needs it. Some significant parts of the text didn’t survive, but in my view they astronomy coursework b4 plainly subjective. You should get this type of telescope, and you’ll do better to try star hopping before a GOTO, etc etc. I’ll probably continue to play with reformatting the remaining text in the next short while.

The further reading section[ edit ] It’s probably worth noting that I’ve not bothered trying to save the Related reading section at all formerly Suggested reading. Most of the books that were listed seemed to be just a tiny part of the vast range of beginning astronomy books that are out there, and I’m not sure how to justify listing a few of them without listing everything. Plus, looking at the evolution of this article astronomy coursework b4 time, I think that section might Essay on importance of nature in english simply become a repository for people to enter their astronomy coursework b4 book of the astronomy coursework b4, rather than astronomy coursework b4 that justifiably belongs as part of the article.

How do people feel about this? I’m not really averse to having a list of books as a concept, but I do think that anything there should be a seriously stand-out book.

Otherwise it should really be in an article called something like application letter for driving license of amateur astronomy books.


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